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We teach dog owners how to train their dogs to be pleasant, obedient members of the family.  Our training atmosphere is a non-competitive environment and we do not train using treats. 


We offer obedience training ito all breeds.


As an established dog obedience trainer with more than 30 years of experience, and co-author of From Heel to Finish, Peter DeRycke trains using the System of Ghent taught to him by his father, Paul DeRycke, who was born and raised in Ghent, Belgium.


 Meet Master Trainer, Peter DeRycke

Bolshoy K9 dog training


Spring and Summer courses 2024.

The Spring course starting April 7th is already fully booked.

There will be an evening course starting on Wednesdays in early June. It is highly recommended to book as soon as possible for this course, exact date TBA.

Private consultations, however, are available available.

Please email Alternatively phone:613-229-5669 to reserve your space in this program!

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