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Dog Training

At Bolshoy K9 Academy, our training is conducted in a small group environment (max 12) with dogs on leashes at all times and owners at a minimum of 10 feet apart, without the use of treats. Classes are conducted once a week in an open outdoor facility.

Kindness and Patience have proven the best results.

Dog training Bolshoy k9

Bolshoy Academey provides connsultations in your home or at our training facility. They are a great way of educating yourself and your family, before you get your new dog or puppy, when they come home and when they are ready to train. All consultations are free of charge with registration in an upcoming obedience program.

er to achieve a successful outcome.  

Puppy Consultation

This consultation does not replace the urgent need for your puppy to be socialized in your environment with people, sounds, other animals, etc. Possible topics discussed in this consultation are:


  • How to best set up a safe environment for your new puppy

  • What to expect of your new dog now and as your puppy grows up

  • What you need to buy for your puppy

  • Basic puppy training and pet dog manners (sit, down, no jumping, no barking etc.),

  • Breed specific issues that you need to be aware of

  • Behavior modification (object and food guarding, boredom, separation anxiety, fear, etc.)

  • Your pet’s needs (environmental enrichment, socialization, etc.)

  • In home behavior (confinement, house and toilet training, chewing, etc.


Training Consultation

Before this consultation, write down any questions and things that you feel will be important for your consultation. Also, as your dog trainer, I will ask you to discuss with your family what your “dream dog” does and how it behaves.

Bolshoy K9 Dog Training Consultations are most efficient with a dog that has no behavioral issues and is ready to learn. Usually this consultation lasts 1 ½ hours and focuses on giving you the tools to improve your dog’s obedience. This may cover topics like:

  • Basic dog training (including sit, drop, stay, walking on leash, out, etc.)

  • Teaching you the basics and principles of training that you can build on in the future

  • Preparing your dog for Bolshoy K9 Obedience classes 

Obedience Training 

Walking dogs

Our basic obedience training includes household commands uch as heel, sit, down, come, stay, stand your dog. Training is conducted in a small (max 12) group environment with all dogs on leashes at all times and owners at a minimum of 10 feet apart. Courses are conducted outdoors and run approximately 45 minutes once a week. It is suggested to practice commands with your dog a maximum of 10 minutes each day between classes.  Always end your training on a positive note.

Our advanced obedience training is a continuation of our basic obedience program incorporating hand signals, longer distance recalls and stay exercises. These classes are a perfect maintenance program for hard working and high performing dogs.

Personal Protection Training (Civil Guard Dog) Program

Civil guard dog training is designed for large working breeds.


For example: Bouviers, all types of Shepherds, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers.

This program is offered after successful completion of our basic and advanced obedience training programs.

For more information about the protection training program, contact us.

Security Guard with Dog
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